Jiaohua SONG

Deputy Managing Partner / Patent Attorney / Trademark Attorney

E-mail: song@kinwiz.com

Ms. SONG is one of the co-founders of Kinwiz. She obtained Master of Science in Condensed Matter Physics from Beijing Normal University and then, PhD of science in Physical Electronics from Peking University. In 2008, she was admitted to Chinese Patent Attorney. Prior to founding Kinwiz, she once worked as Patent Attorney at Sanyou IP agency firm from 2004 to 2016.

Ms. SONG has 12 years’ experience in IP industry, and had ever worked at Beijing Sanyou Intellectual Property Ltd for 11 years. Ms. SONG has extensive and rich experience in domestic, foreign and PCT application filing procedures, OA response, re-examination, invalidation, and litigation in the fields of communication, computer, semiconductor, nanotechnology, and display, especially specializes in re-examination and invalidation of complicated cases, and in giving clients strategies on enhancing patent protection in China.

Ms. SONG had also been appointed as a dedicated patent attorney for important or emergent cases when serving for Huawei.

Her working languages are English and Chinese (native).